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Jeffrey Hillman Seeks Money for NY Barefoot Homeless Story

 Jeffrey Hillman Seeks Money for NY Barefoot Homeless Story

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jeffrey Hillman, the barefoot homeless man who received boots from NYC officer Larry DePrimo, wants compensation for his story. Jeffrey Hillman tells news that he is unhappy that his story has spread intentionally and he has not been compensated for it. Hillman thanks the outpouring of well wishes he has received and is grateful for the efforts by DePrimo. But he wants compensation for a story that he asserts that not grant permission for.

Jeffrey Hillman tells news this week that the is grateful for the boots. But he did not want the exchange to be recorded and run with his face and likeness, without his permission. He tells the NY Post “I was put on YouTube. I was put on everything without permission. What do I get? This went around the world, and I want a piece of the pie.”

Hillman, reportedly, has been declining help for years from both his family and city services. His brother Kirk Hillman of Allentown, Pa. heads the Greater Shiloh Church. His other brother Alfred Hillman is a Texas professor.

Alfred told the NY Post this week that Jeffrey has repeatedly declined help from his family. Alegra Hall, Kirk Hillman’s daughter, told the Post “Jeffrey has his own life, and he has chosen that life, but he knows that our hearts and home are always open to him… He knows that, he’s well aware of that.” Kirk also told news “We love our brother very much. Our door is always open to him, but this is a lifestyle he’s chosen.”

Classmates today tell news that Hillman shouldn’t be homeless. They have started a fund for him. But city services tell news that Hillman has repeatedly refused help. “Outreach teams from the Department of Homeless Services continue to attempt to work with him, but he has a history of turning down services,” Barbara Brancaccio, a spokeswoman for the city agency, told the NY Daily News.

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