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Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos Lawsuit Heads to WWHL, not Reunion?

Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos Lawsuit Heads to WWHL, not Reunion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Jeff Lewis Jenni Pulos lawsuit was expected to be the major item for a possible Flipping Out Season 6 Reunion telecast. But tonight, Jeff Lewis, without Jenni Pulos, will head to WWHL to discuss the show with host and F/O producer Andy Cohen.

LALATE can report, that while attorneys for Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos have been talking up the lawsuit across the news media, there is no activity on the court’s docket for the case. Pulos has retained Adam Levin. Yet Levin as of today has yet to file an answer to the complaint first filed back on November 14. The complaint ironically was filed just days before the show’s finale episode. Lewis’ attorney, J. Scott Souders, is also speaking to the news media about Pulos.

And while the timing of the dispute is questionable, the comments by the attorneys are not pleasant. Lewis’ attorney slams Pulos, claiming that readers would never care to read a book only about Jenni Pulos. He fumes to ABC “Who’s going to buy a book about Jenni’s life if it doesn’t include Jeff Lewis”. Pulos’ attorney in turn calls the case fabricated. “She’s done nothing wrong and expects the lawsuit to be dismissed soon.”

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So why is there so much chatter about the case by the attorneys but nothing on the court’s docket except the complaint? That remains to be seen. Also peculiar tonight is the addition of Jeff Lewis to WWHL for tonight’s telecast. Cohen is expected to asked Lewis about the lawsuit.

Ironically, for the Season 5 Reunion show, Lewis and Pulos were fuming with Cohen. Pulos and Lewis admitted that each pursued career goals individually, ultimately hurting their friendship, at the time. The entire season showed Lewis and boyfriend Gage Edward pursuing business deals together, without Jenni involved. “So I’m going on all these auditions, I’m so sick of hearing it” Jenni told Jeff.

Jeff told viewers a year ago “The last couple of years we [Jenni and I] have had a lot of opportunities come together… We should have stayed together on a lot of them and we didn’t. We found out we are more successful together [then apart].” That remains to be seen.

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