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Mark Sanchez Replaced by Greg McElroy as Jets Quarterback

Mark Sanchez Replaced by Greg McElroy as Jets Quarterback

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mark Sanchez was replaced by Greg McElroy as the Jets quarterback today. Mark Sanchez was finally replaced, if not temporarily, after weeks of news analysts wondering what coach Rex Ryan has been thinking this season. Sanchez’s numbers have been some of the worse in the league this year. Finally Sunday, the decision was made, but late in the game.

Coach Rex Ryan replaced Mark Sanchez only in the third quarter against the Cardinals. Ryan held his own hopes to keep Sanchez in until the third, even though many fans had urged Ryan to sack Sanchez weeks ago from the starting quarterback position.

Greg McElroy came in, and turned the game around. The Jets defeated the Cardinals 7-3. The Jets had remained scoreless until McElroy suited up.

After Jay Feely gave the Cardinals a field goal in the second, Jeff Cumberland caught a one yard touchdown pass from McElroy. McElroy went only five of seven, delivering twenty-nine passing yards. But those seven passes included one touchdown pass.

In September, Sanchez ranked twenty-second in passing stats among quarterbacks in the league, officials told news. He’s also ranked twentieth of thirty quarterbacks in ESPN’s QBR overall ranking.

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  1. Sarah

    December 21, 2012 at 3:23 pm


    The wait has been excruciating. The only game that I watched that had me confident that Mark Sanchez could hold off Tebow (or McElroy, who I always thought was the best QB on the roster—don’t forget he also scored the only touchdown in the pre-season) was the very first one. Every other game he looks like how people used to think of Eli.

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