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Kenya Moore Bestowed Official Ice Queen Title by Porsha Stewart

Kenya Moore Bestowed Official Ice Queen Title by Porsha Stewart

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Kenya Moore has been bestowed the “Official Ice Queen” title by Porsha Stewart. Kenya Moore’s beauty queen titles have dominated RHOA scenes week to week this season. But Stewart tells news that Kenya Moore in her opinion only wears one crown, that of Official Ice Queen.

In comments to news this week, Porsha said “After I left from that awkward meal with the Official Ice Queen, I began to put the finishing touches on the event.” Both women were dressed in light clothes for that warm day they met in Atlanta.

But Porsha describes a notable drop in weather once Kenya came walked in the door. She says she felt “a cold, bitter shell of a woman [once Kenya walked in]. She was so cold to me from the jump!” Porsha says the energy also changed quickly. She tells news “I felt a huge rush of negative energy, and it actually stopped me in my tracks for a moment.”

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Porsha says she admits to news that she has the wrong energy sometimes. “I didn’t want to even ask her to join me after meeting her, but I know that I can come across as such a burst of energy.” Kenya especially took issue with Porsha asking her about marriage and children.

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But Porsha claims “I mean, hello, if we are two adult women over 30 what would cause me to think a person would be insulted by my asking if she was married and what brought her to Atlanta?”

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