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Derek Jeter Weight Gain Prompts NY Post Criticism

Derek Jeter Weight Gain Prompts NY Post Criticism

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Derek Jeter weight gain mockery by the New York Post is prompting criticsm of the publication today. Derek Jeter’s weight gain was is the result of a broken ankle injury. But that still didn’t stop the Post from ridiculing the baseball legend. Just days ago, Alec Baldwin trashed the Post for its coverage of him.

Jeter broke his ankle during game one of the ALCS. But this week, the Post ran a cover with the title “Exclusive Photo” which called Derek Jeter “Derek Eater “.

Baldwin took aim with the Post’s coverage of his alleged stalker case. Baldwin claims the Post allegedly asked him to call up the DA’s office and allegedly tell them to drop the case against his accuser. That prompted Baldwin to tell news “Everyone who breathes air knows the Post is the worst newspaper in human history. But shame on them for politicizing a criminal case”.

Weeks earlier, Derek Jeter took issue with Skip Bayless remarks about his body and performance. “I’m seeing a whole new guy this year from last year … Are you kidding me? You would have to have your head in the sand or your head somewhere else not to at least wonder, ‘How is he doing this?’ ” Jeter replied “Maybe Skip should be tested. I don’t know him.”

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