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Megyn Kelly Frightened by Fox News Animation Alert

Megyn Kelly Frightened by Fox News Animation Alert

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Megyn Kelly frightened moment this week proved that Fox News can be scary, even to its own employees. Megyn Kelly was not just frightened but also scared that Fox News directors would rerun a “terrifying” clip during her news segment. The video wasn’t of a stabbing, or a brutal murder, or mass carnage. It was rather just a few chimes and an animation clip.

Megyn Kelly expressed her frightened moment during what could have otherwise been a boring news interview about the fiscal cliff. But for reasons still uncertain, Fox gave Kelly and viewers a breaking “news alert”!! The alert featured an animation and warning that something major had just broken internationally. And no, the segment wasn’t about Kim Kardashian pushing milkshakes in Kuwait or delivering samples of her leopard dresses to British Royalty.

Kelly was hoping to interview Chris Stirewalt about the fiscal cliff. But to announce his interview, the animation ran. And then when Kelly freaked out, directors had a nice control-room laugh. They ran the “frightening” clip again.

Kelly wanted assurances from Chris Stirewalt that he, too, was terrified by Fox television animation. And rather than disagree, or call Fox a “wing of Republican Party”, he too admitted he was “scared”. For now Kelly is continuing to report the news from Fox, despite how frightening Fox News gets … every time that alert runs.

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  1. Grady Robinson

    June 28, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    She’s just commenting that studio finally added some new grafics after 3 years or the same old stuff she’s used to seeing on her program a totally normal reaction.

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