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Los Angeles Area Earthquakes Today 2012, Strike Malibu, Riverside

Los Angeles Area Earthquakes Today 2012, Strike Malibu, Riverside

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A series of Los Angeles area earthquakes 2012 have struck the region. Last night, a Malibu earthquake was felt in Santa Monica to Marina del Rey. This morning, another quake struck roughly one hundred forty miles north of downtown, officials indicate to news.

First officials tell news that a moderate 3.2 magnitude Malibu quake has struck. The quake erupted only two miles below sea level. Centered in the Pacific Ocean, the quake was closest to the Channel Islands and Malibu. USGS indicates to news that the quake at 7:19 pm last night erupted twenty-one miles south of Malibu. It was twenty-four miles west of Palos Verdes, twenty-eight miles west of El Segundo. The quake was also twenty-nine miles west of Torrance and forty-miles from downtown, officials tell news.

Second, a 3.7 magnitude Southern California earthquake erupted today. It was six miles east of Coso Junction, one hundred forty-two miles north of downtown. Officials report that the quake struck at ground level. With no depth, the quake could be felt across the region. It also began fifteen miles southeast of Olancha and nineteen miles south of Cartago. No reports of damage have yet to be indicated by local news.

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