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Casper College Bow and Arrow Like Attack Kills Two

Casper College Bow and Arrow Like Attack Kills Two

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Casper College attack today November 30, 2012 involved a bow and arrow like edged weapon. First reported as a Caper College “shooting”, police confirm that today’s crime spree instead involved an attack with an hand held weapon, not a firearm. When asked if the weapon was a bow and arrow, police said that it was “sharp edged weapon”.

The names of the two victims have not been released to news. Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh tells news that the three individuals were not related by blood. But the shooter was not a student.

Walsh was clear that no firearm was involved during the attack. The attack began shortly after 9 am this morning inside the campus’s World Physical Science Center. The campus and campus and Natrona County School District initially went onto lock down.

Officials claim that the victims were found dead in the science building while the attacker was found dead two miles away. No cause of death for the shooter has yet to be indicated to news.

Rich Fujita, a spokesman for the college, tells KCWY that the victims were a male faculty members and a person of “student age”.

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