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Solo’s Husband in Jail For Alleged Probation Violation

Solo's Husband in Jail After Probation Violation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Hope Solo’s husband is in jail after a probation violation. But Hope Solo accused news reports about her husband’s arrest false. Solo used words like “ignorance”, “spin stores”, and “media spins” to describe news coverage of her husband’s arrest. But Solo’s news statements about her husband’s arrest were false themselves.

Hope Solo earlier in the day said that “life is great”. But at that moment, her husband was behind bars for violation of probation. Soon, Solo went on the offensive, calling reports of her husband’s arrest as “media spin”. Debbie Carter, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, would beg to differ. She confirmed to news that the Department of Corrections issued an arrest warrant for Solo’s husband for alleged probation violation of his 2010 probation order.

Solo called reports – coming from news, the Department of Corrections, and local law enforcement – all ignorant on Wednesday. “I feel bad for all the ignorance in the world…. The media spins stories in such dramatic fashion. I will Continue to show love, and never make judgments. I am blessed w True Love & the beautiful game of soccer. I wish everybody the same happiness. “

She later told news that she was “needing my True fans tonight! It’s not often I get to play in the beautiful NW! Show your love tonight my friends! Thank you for your support!”

Solo particularly took issue with news reports that Stevens was arrested “again”. Despite Solo’s false statement, her husband has been arrested before this week. He is on probation from a prior conviction.

After one person tweeted Wednesday “Jerramy Stevens arrested again in Florida” Solo fired back “Get the facts. not ‘again’, still dealing with Seattle fallout. The truth will prevail.” CBS, FOX and other news agencies also used the word “again”, despite Solo’s urging otherwise.

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