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Keyshia Cole Fake Leaked Photo Allegations Surface Online

Keyshia Cole Fake Leaked Photo Allegations Surface Online

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Keyshia Cole is battling fake leaked photo allegations online. A photo, which according to fans is clearly not even of Keyshia Cole, surfaced online Wednesday. But this not the first time that Cole has had to battle fabricated photos.

In February 2011, MediaTakeOut ran its first round of allegations against Keyshia Cole. In that story, MTO claimed the pictures were of Cole and pictures were of “her … body”. A quick perusal reveals that the pictures have since been removed from the MTO website since that 2011 report. Cole was furious at the time. In February of last year, she told news “mediatakeout, I wish I knew where you all … at!”

Yesterday, the allegations resurfaced again. Cole quickly told news that the latest picture surfacing online is not her either. But most fans had already determined the picture wasn’t of Cole.

Cole told news “I’ve shared extremely a lot of my life with the world, with people who love me and people who H8, but just like fam, people never tell u how much they love u”.

Cole then retweeted a series messages from fans claiming that picture is not even of Keyshia. “The pic… going around is BELOW THE BELT. This lady have a husband and a child. Never do wrong to a person who does good”. Another fan wrote “I was very angry seeing that “picture” of […Cole] it’s clearly not her.” As one fan noted “That’s Not @KeyshiaCole Nose Or Tattoo. Get Off That.”

Cole tells news “People that have No self respect you worship! Folks that have a child, a husband, hustled from the bottom up, y’all try to tear down. Shame.” She added “Let em have fun! they seem to enjoy being filth, I say let emm talk!”

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