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Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos Lawsuit Bares Ryan Brown Similarities: EXCLUSIVE

Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos Lawsuit Bares Ryan Brown Similarities: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Jeff Lewis Jenni Pulos lawsuit bares a similarity to Lewis’ dispute with another Flipping Out cast member from years earlier: Ryan Brown. Jeff Lewis is suing Jenni Pulos (wedding photos below) claiming that she is allegedly trying to profit on his company. He claims that she is allegedly divulging details about the workings of Jeff Lewis design in her new 2013 book.

But if the accusation of a cast member trying to profit on Lewis sounds familiar, it should. The same accusation heated up the 2009 Flipping Out reunion showdown between Ryan Brown and Jeff Lewis. At the time, Jeff Lewis claimed that Ryan Brown – not through a tell-all-book but rather a website  – was trying to steal Jeff’s business.

Ryan told Andy Cohen “I had no idea the severity of the accusations and the length to which [Jeff] was going to try to … catch me in some kind of lie.”

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Jeff told Cohen at the time “I don’t have any proof, but I really believe that the intention to take business was there. To repair our friendship, I would need some sort of sincere apology.” Lewis shot back with harsh words against his former partner during the Bravo telecast.

At issue was a website that Lewis thought Brown allegedly established to divert business. Jeff called it “professional identity theft” and “false advertising”.

Lewis’ allegations against Pulos derive from a confidentiality agreement executed between the two. In it, Pulos asserts that she will not divulge nor profit on details of Jeff Lewis design. Pulos has not yet denied the enforceability of that agreement. But in court documents obtained by LALATE, Lewis claims that Pulos’ upcoming 2013 creative project – not a website but a book – seeks to allegedly divulge details about Lewis’ operations and profit on those operations.

Brown eventually exited Flipping Out. Pulos has yet to file her answer to the Lewis complaint. Her future on Flipping Out has yet to be confirmed by Bravo.

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