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Kobe Bryant Not Dead – Fake Car Crash Death Story Resurfaces

Kobe Bryant Not Dead - Fake Car Crash Death Story Resurfaces not died

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kobe Bryant is not dead, again. Kobe Bryant was the victim of a fake death story last month, prompting a series of false RIP Kobe tweets. But Bryant hasn’t died this November 2012 either. The latest false car crash tale is an old fake death story used against countless celebrities.

Kobe Bryant has battled fake death tales since October of this year. But currently, Kobe is the victim of the same stories resurfacing online. One death story shows a old, beat up car, that is certainly not Kobe’s, flipped over in the middle of a ditch.

The fabricated tale is the creation of Global Associated aka Media Fetcher. That same old car crash photo and story has been used against David Guetta, Tiesto, and Adam Sandler.

Kobe wasn’t traveling on Route 80 between Morristown and Rosswell. There is no such agency as the “Highway Safety Investigators” or the “Local Team News 9″. But Global makes all those assertions in their story.

At the bottom, in small font, Globe adds that the story is a “complete work of fiction for entertainment purpose”. It remains unclear what is entertaining to killing off Kobe.

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Even more bizarre is Global’s story fake story about Kobe in the “Classy & Sassy ladies boutique”. The outrageously troubling story fabricates an arrest and series of characters including “Mary Smith”. The fake story reads that Smith “one of the store clerks told UJ reporters, ‘I only weigh 105 pounds and didn’t think I could tackle him [Kobe], but he went down really easily.’ ”

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Ironically, Global Associated apparently lists no fake death stories for LeBron James or members of the Miami Heat. Kobe isn’t dead, nor Adam Sandler, David Guetta or Morgan Freeman.

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