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Butterball Help Hotline Battles Turkey Cooking Time, Coupon Alert

Butterball Help Hotline Returns for Turkey Cooking Time how long to cook a turkey

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Butterball Help Hotline (aka Turkey Talk-Line) returns this week with cooking time, coupons, and live telephone assistance, officials tells news. The Help Hotline (telephone number 1-800-BUTTERBAL) has been an annual tradition for people asking everything from how long does it take to cook a turkey, to how do I brine a turkey, and what is the fastest way to thaw a turkey. But Butterball this week is also telling news about coupon fraud this holiday season. The company is warning news about fake coupons surfacing online.

Butterball’s coupons have remained one of the most sought after items of the holiday season. But this year, Butterball is advising news of a coupon fraud being effectuated online. Bud Miller, CPP, Executive Director of the Coupon Information Center, tell news that “purchasing coupons on the Internet, whether it is from independent websites, e-mail or from online auctions,” could put you at risk, namely “the possibility of becoming involved with counterfeits, stolen property or other criminal activities.” Butterball on its homepage is warning consumers this Thanksgiving 2012 season not to buy nor receive coupons from “non-legitimate source”. The company also tells news and consumers to never to pay for a coupon.

And yet, as consumers focus on their turkey cooking time Thursday, officials remind news that thawing is one of the critical cooking issues, and health concerns, every Thanksgiving. Last year, Butterball told news that thawing is far less stressful than it seems, even when you forget to thaw until the last minute. “Have you ever had this moment? ‘I’m 3 days away from Thanksgiving and my turkey hasn’t thawed yet!'” Butterball tells news that, despite any error, you can still thaw last second. It tells news just “leave the turkey in its wrapper and place it in a tub or sink of cold water – allow 30 minutes of thaw time for every pound of turkey.”

In 2009, Butterball’s helpline proudly told news that they provided fifty-five experts on duty and helped an estimated ten thousand calls received per day. That number has since increased over the years, the company indicates to news. “When the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line opened twenty-nine years ago, six home economists responded to 11,000 phone calls in the first year alone”, the company explains. Now fifty experts “respond to more than 100,000 questions each November and December”. For more click HERE.

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