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Gage Edwards Angers Flipping Out Fans, Again

Gage Edwards Angers Flipping Out Fans, Again

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Gage Edwards’ introduction to Flipping Out last season didn’t resonate well with fans. At the time, LALATE reported that Edwards’ appearance in the show was making him nearly the most unpopular Bravo personality next to Joe Giudice. This season, Flipping Out presented a different side of Gage Edwards. But despite a second season, and storyline modifications, Edwards is not resonating well with viewers this season either.

Last season, most viewers thought that Edwards was behind cast firings and the diminishing flavor of the show. The on screen appearance of Jeff Lewis, who grew the Flipping Out franchise based on neurotic, hilarious, over the top tendencies, was impacted last season by Gage. And despite what assurances he made, Edwards was perceived as the cause of terminations of Trace Lehnhoff, Sarah Berkman, and Jett Pink last year.

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Viewers didn’t like last season how Gage appeared one way to Sarah and then another way behind her back. That level of perception has existed this season as well. “It’s funny that Gage is the one that seems to have the problems with everyone else. I don’t trust Gage”, wrote one viewer. Most BravoTv viewers still contend that Gage is hurting, not helping the show. “Gage has got to go….he brings the entire show down. He is a mean girl.”

Last season, the comments against Edwards are again negative. But this time around, viewers are asking for Bravo not to bring him back. “Hey Gage we don’t have to like you so maybe Bravo will read the comments and tell you — you need to go. Just my opinion.” Another adds “he creates problems and brings a dark cloud upon the show.”

Some viewers do like Gage, however. But as Jenni Pulos tell news this week “Gage thinks that entertaining Jeff should not be a business priority.” As Pulos says in her own brief way, “Cupcakes are Andrew’s peace offering. Gage says no to eating the cupcakes. No trust, no cupcake consumption.”


  1. Denise

    February 23, 2013 at 8:00 am

    I absolutely hate Gage Edwards. He’s really n**** and kind of selfish. He wants no one close to Jeff that can in a way risk his own relationship with Jeff. Jeff is the one that pays for everything and this guy just nags about what he wants. I don’t like him one bit. He’s like one of those bi7CHy girls that use their men for money and position. He should be cancelled off and Jeff should dump him. How is it that Jeff doesn’t realize how this guy ruins Jeff’s best relationships?

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