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Cannibal Case Plea Entered, Gilberto Valle Seeks Bail Again

Cannibal Case Plea Entered, Gilberto Valle Seeks Bail Again

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Cannibal case plea was entered by Gilberto Valle’s defense team. But Gilberto Valle team is cooking up another plan. They tell the Court that they will seek a bail hearing in the coming days. The Court, having rejected two previous bail requests, is not happy with what’s simmering for Valle’s defense team.

Gilberto Valle is the alleged cannibal cop who wrote about his desire to slow-cook women. But the Court told defense attorneys on Monday that they are slowing the Court down themselves. After public defender, Julia Gatto, asked for a third attempt at bail, Judge Paul Gardephe fired back “You have a hard row to hoe”. Today, the accused cannibal cop will be asked to be set free.

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He is accused of chatting last July online about a plan of “kidnapping, cooking and eating body parts” of an identified female. He also told his online chat buddy that he was allegedly “thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus . . . cook her over a low heat and keep her alive as long as possible.”

Orange County residents will remember attempts by convicted cannibal felon, Omaima Aree Nelson, to be set free earlier this year. Nelson was convicted for cooking her husband and dining on him, not with him, for Thanksgiving. Omaima said “Nothing tastes as good as the man I married. It’s the sauce that does it.” Earlier this year, her parole was denied.

Months later, Rudy Eugene shocked news after he was labeled the Miami Cannibal. The “Face-eating” attacker consumed the entire face of Ronald Poppo down to his beard. Poppo survived.

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