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Yolanda Foster Defends David Foster Music, Gigi Hadid Modeling

Yolanda Foster Defends David Foster Music, Gigi Hadid Modeling

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Yolanda Foster is defending husband David Foster tonight on RHOBH after defending daughter Gigi Hadid’s diet last week. Yolanda Foster watches Taylor Armstrong get snippy with David Foster’s music goals for the group. “We aren’t making an album”, fumes Taylor tonight.

Last week, Yolanda defendED daughter Gigi Hadid’s modeling diet. Yet, Yolanda, a former successful model herself, assured news that she is not a stage mother. “Even the comment about Gigi’s diet seems so shallow but the truth is, she was booked on a job in Paris the week after and it required her to stay disciplined with her healthy diet.”

Yolanda, however, says that the money that Gigi is making will help her reach financial independence at a young age. “I know this can be very hard for a 17 year old but it’s still a small price to pay for the financial independence it gives her at this young of an age.” But as Yolanda jokes thereafter, everyone had a big meal after the shoot. “And you should all know, after her photo shoot we went to Le Crepe and pigged out on 3 crepes each.”

But while some fans may wonder if Yolanda is strong willed, she admits that the episode made look a bit controlling. “Looking at this episode, I really cracked myself up because I look like a complete control freak (which by the way I am). As you can tell, my Gigi isn’t too thrilled to have us at her photo shoot.” But she adds “What you don’t see are the fun and sweet moments so I resemble this annoying stage mother that I am most definitely not.”

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