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Kim Zolciak “Leaving RHOA” Claim Prompts Bravo Change

Kim Zolciak Leaving RHOA Claim Prompts Bravo Change: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Claims that Kim Zolciak is leaving RHOA have prompted a change by Bravo. In September, LALATE first reported that Bravo described the new RHOA season as featuring “six” cast members. At the time, Zolciak said she was furious about news reports that she was not part of the new season. A new perusal of BravoTV reveals a change since Zolciak’s remarks.

On September 25, Bravo’s website described RHOA season five about “the lives of six sassy women from Atlanta’s social elite”. Such is no longer the case. The website has modified that line to read “the lives of seven sassy women from Atlanta’s social elite.”

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For weeks, Kim has claimed that she does not appear in the promotional images for the show because she was pregnant at the time. Those assertions are progressively appearing to be questionable.

Zolciak has told news that she will appear in less scenes this season because of her pregnancy. She also used her pregnancy as her reason for why her image does not appear on the show’s promo images.

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Cynthia however tells news that Kim is seen less for reasons other than her pregnancy. “We don’t see as much of Kim this season. She’s doing her own thing.”

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US Magazine reports that Zolciak is in fact leaving the show and will be “phased out” through the season and won’t return next year. Kim only told news “My priorities have changed. With these ladies, I feel like nine times out 10, there’s going to be an argument. They’re not happy for me. They’re not supportive.”

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