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Jill Kelley Cellphone Telephone Number Prompts Tampa Police Dispute

Jill Kelley Cellphone Telephone Number Prompts Tampa Police Dispute

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jill Kelley is furious that her personal cellphone telephone number and home address were released by Tampa Police last weekend. Where does Jill Kelley leave and how can you reach her on the phone? The Tampa Police revealed that last weekend when they released to the public her number and address. At the time, Kelley contacted the City to claim they aren’t helping her. Since then Jill Kelley has emailed the Mayor of Tampa repeatedly furious about the City’s conduct. And now the Mayor is releasing those emails from Jill Kelley as well.

Last Sunday, tapes were released in the Kelley matter. But apparently, Tampa Police is now claiming that Kelley called the non emergency line, not 911, and that any information on that line is all public record.

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Police spokeswoman Andrea Davis issued a news statement to this weekend stating “Anything that identifies a 911 caller is redacted. [But if] You call the non emergency line [like Kelley], it is all public record. If you want your identity protected when calling law enforcement in Florida, call 911.”

Davis admits that Jill Kelley’s personal cellphone number and home address were released to news and the public because she called a non-emmergency number.

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So what did the City do next? They released Friday emails from Kelley to her Mayor Bob Buckhorn angry about the City releasing her communications to the press. “My family has been put through the ringer, and my kids are scared. … And to put insult to injury, your police dept gave the local 911 tapes to the press!” says Kelley.

In another email, she writes “I have been receiving threats all night, by people who now have my cell phone number. I cannot understand why your dept would release my address and cell number, and make me and my daughters in harms way.”

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Kelley says “paparazzi” are following her and that she needs City protection. “… They’re blocking our alley, our driveway, and continue to trespass on my property. My kids are scared and need their home back.” She adds “I’m scared and cannot believe what my City – in which I have contributed so much of my love, time, money and leadership – has now done to me and my innocent family”. The City has yet to indicate to news what “leadership” Kelley has provided.

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