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Ashley Horn, Ashley Lohan Photos Revealed of Lindsay Lohan Secret Sister

Ashley Horn, Ashley Lohan Photos Revealed of Lindsay Lohan Secret Sister

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Ashley Horn aka Ashley Lohan is Lindsay Lohan’s secret sister, DNA tests confirmed last night. Ashley Horn aka Ashley Kaufmann, Lohan or Horne, has been in the news since 2008 as Lindsay Lohan’s possible secret half-sister. So why did this news story take four years to resolve? Because not until last night did father, Michael Lohan, agree to conclusive  DNA tests.

LALATE has been reporting on Ashley Lohan since June 2008. During an interview with Chelsea Handler, Lindsay’s estranged father Michael Lohan told Handler that he had first heard about Ashley while he was behind bars.

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Ashley Lohan Photo 3

During 2007, Michael Lohan was still incarcerated in prison. During his time in prison, Ashley Horn’s mother, Kristi Horn, made contact with Lohan.

So what happened to the DNA tests? In June 2008, Star Magazine apparently wrongly claimed Lohan had taken the DNA tests to determine if the then 13 year old was his child. “It was important for me to know the truth, so I took the test,” Lohan claimed at the time.

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For years, LALATE questioned what happened to the DNA test. The issue came back to a head in 2010. That time, Ashley appeared on the cover of OK Magazine. That same week, Life and Style Magazine interviewed Kristi and Lohan who both claim he never took the DNA test. Lohan said “I’d be glad to take a DNA test!” At the time, Life and Style magazine referred to Ashley as “Ashley Horne”.

Last night, the two parents and Ashley appeared on the show “Trisha Goddard”. DNA test confirmed that Ashley is Michael Lohan’s daughter, born during his marriage to Lindsay’s mother, Dina.

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