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Scott Broadwell, Paula Broadwell Husband, Not Spotted Together with Wife

Scott Broadwell, Paula Broadwell Husband, Not Spotted Together with Wife in DC

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Dr Scott Broadwell, Paula Broadwell’s husband, has not been spotted at his home in Charlotte, North Carolina since his wife’s mistress affair broke. But are Scott Broadwell and Paula Broadwell still together? And have they split, broke up or separated since Broadwell’s revelations hit news last Friday?

Pushup partners Scott Broadwell and Paula Broadwell have not been back to the couple’s Charlotte, North Carolina residence since the mistress affair scandal broke last Friday. But Paula Broadwell did surface last night in Washington DC. She was reportedly not with her husband.

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News pictures obtained by the New York Daily News overnight shows Broadwell dressed up with her makeup done, in a tight fitting pink top, enjoying a glass of red wine last night. She appeared, ironically, next to a lit window insider her brother’s residence. News photographers have yet to indicate how easy the pictures were able to be obtained.

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Meantime, Charlotte news is confirming that the Broadwells have not been spotted together since they split on the eve of her birthday party. Dr. Scott Broadwell’s residence, however, was searched extensively Monday night by Federal agents. Agents emerged with dozens of boxes. Details of that search warrant have not been released to news. Neither Broadwell was in town during the time of the apparent search of the residence.

Dr Scott Broadwell had scheduled his wife’s 40th birthday for last Saturday. Reportedly invited was even General David Petraeus and wife Holly Petraeus. But on Friday evening, he emailed guests and told them that the party was off.

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The couple had been vacationing in a bed of roses inside a Virginia hotel, the Middleton Inn, when the scandal broke. But the couple reportedly checked out earlier than booked on Saturday. At the time, the couple reportedly not speaking to each other with Paula being seen extensively texting to a third party.

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During an appearance on Jon Stewart during pushups, Paula was asked “How about this, your husband and I do pushups?” She replied “He is pretty good.” “What is your name?” She added “Scott!”

Stewart later questioned “Is this how arguments are settled in your house [with pushups]?” Scott Broadwell replied “Every time. I don’t win much. “

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