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Alexis Wright Video, Photos in Zumba Scandal Prompts New Client List

Alexis Wright Video, Photos in Zumba Scandal Prompts New Client List of Kennebunk, ME

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Alexis Wright video and photos controversy from the Zumba Scandal of Kennebunk, ME takes a new turn today. More of the Alexis Wright client list gets released today November 9, 2012, officials tell news. Initial videos and pictures prompted arrest warrants for twenty-one males.

But in October, the Alexis Wright scandal grew. Police released more names, confirming the arrest of thirty-nine men with misdemeanor counts. Now, on Friday, more names of the Alexis Wright scandal get released.

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Police still tell news that video and photos seized from Wright reveal that male clients were being recorded without their knowledge. While oils and a black book of client names were recovered, police still maintain that the men did not know that they were being taped. As a result, Wright has been charged with invasion of privacy along with more than one hundred other counts.

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Alexis Wright not only had a little black book of names but also a “domination fetish list”, police tells the SeacoastOnline news. An envelope from a motel, male protection, and Astroglide were also recovered. Additionally, more than one thousand dollars in cash was seized.

Police claim that they are not only hours of video tape but also a “ledger key” which described the type of “services” that certain male clients preferred. Wright is accused of having one hundred clients and making over $150,000 in 18 months. The videos of her acts have been leaked online. Sarah Churchill, Wright’s lawyer, says his client is not guilty.

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Also charged is Mark Strong, Sr. He owns the Strong Agency and lists himself as “Director, Special Investigations Unit,” of Priism on his Facebook page, claiming that it was a “a management consulting services firm specializing in the insurance and private investigations areas.”

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One man who is unhappy about the matter is Benjamin Hopkins, the father of Alexis Wright’s son. He has filed a temporary order for protection and full custody of their child. Hopkins’ attorney tells SeaCoast that Wright has allegedly been uncooperative.

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He says “I try to do these cases where there’s some notoriety very quietly, and that works better for children”. But he also tells news “on the other hand if you have a parent who is determined to get as much attention and publicity as they can and don’t want to do something in the interim, there isn’t really much choice than to go through the courts.”

The new names from the alleged Wright client list will be released later today.

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