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Stacie Halas Photos Appeal May Consider Tiffany Six Video Evidence

Stacie Halas Photos Appeal May Consider Tiffany Six Video Evidence

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Stacie Halas appeal might consider Tiffany Six pictures and video evidence from than four years ago. Stacie Halas or allegedly Tiffany Six (photos below) started today her appellate hearing concerning her recent firing. Halas was fired by the Oxnard School District in April after pictures and video from her previous “film” career as allegedly Tiffany Six angered administrators.

But on Monday, Richard Schwab, Halas’ attorney, argued to the appellate board that pictures and videos more than four years old should not be introduced into evidence. Earlier in the day, Judge Julie Cabos-Owen ruled that evidence from beyond that four year date could be considered.

Schwab disagreed. He argued that evidence beyond four years was allegedly prohibited by the statute of limitations.

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The Ventura County Star reports that the hearing could take upwards of eight days. After its conclusion, a ruling could then take an additional one hundred days. Halas is on paid administrative leave.

Halas’ attorney told the administrative law board “Your job is not to judge what she was in her past but what she is today. And what she is today, the evidence will show, is a very fit and a very caring teacher.”

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Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School officials were upset that the pictures were discovered after Halas was hired. Halas allegedly appeared on screen as Tiffany Six in films like “Pizza”. But after Halas’ alleged work surfaced at her middle school, Oxnard School District trustees put her on administrative leave pending further investigation.

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Officials claim that students found the pictures online, then told school administrators, who then alerted District officials. District officials then dispatched attorneys to investigate the matter while Halas was on leave.

The school district told the board today that “This case is about whether the students of the Oxnard School District are required to incorporate into their learning environment the choice Ms. Halas made to be a … [film] star”.

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Halas’ attorney previously told news that his client allegedly was involved in lawful conduct, before her employment. “Lawful conduct in a business which, while others may disagree with its content, is very vibrant in both Los Angeles as well as the state of California.” He said that, because her conduct was lawful, she can’t be fired.

“We’re trying to determine if there’s a nexus on what she does on her own time and what she does in the classroom,” Oxnard School District Superintendent Jeff Chancer indicated to news in April.

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