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Jim Nantz Confused, Claims Jets Win Against Patriots

Jim Nantz Confused, Claims Jets Win Against Patriots

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A confused Jim Nantz announced the Jets as the winner of Sunday’s Patriots game. Jim Nantz didn’t appear confused during the CBS telecast of the Jets vs. Patriots game. Rather, he said with conviction that the Jets had delivered a major “stunner” on the road Sunday.

But if he had only watched his own telecast, Nantz would have realized the blunder. During the bizarre telecast, Nantz was commented on the Mark Sanchez fumble. Nantz told viewers that if the call on the play stood, it would be stunning upset. The initial ruling on the field was a fumble, giving the Patriots the ball and the win. But Nantz told viewers if the ruling stood, there would be a “stunner”, an “upset” by an “underdog”, even though the Patriots were expected to win.

Jim told viewers “this is, if it holds up, which we expect it will, a stunner. The biggest underdog of the day in the league.” Jim paused as the ref confirmed that the play stood, giving the fumble to the Patriots and the win to New England. Jim then remarked “The New York Jets stand alone in first place now!” even after the Jets had just lost the game. He then corrected himself to say “New England Patriots, I should say.”

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