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Donna the Deer Lady Identity Pursued as Hoax Allegations Grow

Donna the Deer Lady Identity Pursued as Hoax Allegations Grow

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Who is Donna the Deer Lady? The identity of Donna the Deer Lady is being pursued as hoax allegations are growing today. Legislative changes were urged recently by “Donna”, an irate radio listener to the Y94 Morning Playhouse radio show. But now national news is reporting that Donna the Deer Lady might have been a major hoax, derived from an old comedy routine.

The woman, claiming to be “Donna”, called into a local radio station recently. As a purported Fargo area resident, she claimed that she has been involved in multiple car crashes with deer over the last few years. “Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate? I don’t get it”.

Donna claims that deer crossing signs are telling deer where to cross and where not to cross. She contends that if you move the signs, the deer will read them and tell each other to  stop crossing there.

One listener attempted to, unsuccessfully, to tell Donna that the signs are not for deer but for drivers. “You know, deer crossings aren’t telling deer that it’s safe to cross there, it’s just more of an alert for drivers so that they know it’s a high deer population.”

But TheBlaze questions if this is all a hoax. The same story being made by Donna was used by George Carlin in his comedy routine years earlier.

Moreover, a person by the name of Tim Abbott fumed about the same allegations in 2011. “A lot of deer get hit by cars west of Crown Point on US 231. There are too many cars to have the deer crossing there. The deer crossing sign needs to be moved to a road with less traffic.”

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