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OJ Simpson Free? New Trial Request Could Set Simpson Free

OJ Simpson Free New Trial Request Could Set Simpson Free

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – OJ Simpson could be set free.  A major development for OJ Simpson in that bizarre Las Vegas criminal case was just revealed this week. The court has agreed to reopen the case to consider if Simpson should get a new trial and possibly set free under a plea deal offered in 2008 for two years of jail time.

The OJ Simpson move to be set free concerns his trial attorney Yale Galanter. Galanter is a Miami lawyer who represented Simpson in various legal matters after the 1995 murder case concerning Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Simpson claims that in the late 1990s he told Galanter that memorabilia items had been stolen. Simpson claims that he spoke to Galanter in Miami and sought legal advice as to how he could recover the items, legally, in Las Vegas.

Simpson asserts that Galanter advised him that he could confront the dealers provided no physical action occurs between the parties and so long as the meeting is not on private property or effectuated via a trespass.

The trial judge in the Simpson Las Vegas case was concerned about these Simpson-Galanter conversations. The judge asked Simpson and Galanter separately if Galanter had advised OJ about the matter.

Galanter told the judge that he never advised OJ about the matter. “Judge, I tell you … I wasn’t there. I had nothing to do with it.”

Simpson’s new lawyer Patricia Palm says that is simply untrue. In moving papers, she claims that Galanter allegedly advised Simpson about the matter.

Now Clark County District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell wants to know if Galanter was telling the truth or not. Bell is seeking answers on 18 of 23 questions sought by Palm. Bell has is considering the evidence to determine if Simpson should get a new trial.

With a possible new trial likely for Simpson, could he be set free? First, if granted a new trial, Simpson would likely be set free on bail as he was with the original trial.

Second, if granted a new trial, Simpson could be a free man in 2013.
Palm claims that prosecutors offered Simpson in 2008 a plea deal of two to five years in prison for pleading guilty to robbery. Palm claims Simpson’s lawyer never communicated the settlement offer to his client and that Simpson would have accepted it. Under the plea deal, OJ would have been set free between 2010 and 2013.

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