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Jonathan Holt Arrested, Whitney Heichel’s Phone Provided Clues

Jonathan Holt Arrested, Whitney Heichel's Phone Provided Clues

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jonathan Holt (photo above) has been arrested after Whitney Heichel’s phone was recovered. Whitney Heichel’s cell phone was found Thursday by children playing four miles from her home. Whitney had been missing since Tuesday. But late Friday, Jonathan Holt (no Facebook account yet confirmed) was arrested.

Two girls playing found the phone in brush near the Troutdale Terrace Apartments. But Elizabeth Spencer tells KATU that Whitney had problems parking her SUV on Monday night, one day before her disappearance. “She just said she hadn’t been feeling good and was tired,” Spencer said. “She actually had asked me, she goes, ‘Can you come over here for a minute?’ She asked if she had bumped the car in front of her. I said, ‘No. You’re about two inches away from it, actually. I was like, ‘Do you want me to just re-park it for you?’ She said, ‘Yeah,’ kind of embarrassed to ask.”

The children were shocked by the discovery of Whitney’s phone. Their parents were surprised as well. “I was pretty shocked. I mean I knew right away…I recognized the face,” April Fletcher, the mother of one the girls, told ABC News. “[The kids] started flipping through some of the text messages…and there was one from [someone named] Scott that was trying to find out, ‘Where are you. Are you okay?'” Fletcher told news.

Clinton Heichel tells news that Whitney’s recovered SUV had been damaged extensively. He tells ABC “She had a little dangling bead thing from the rear view mirror that had been ripped off; the back seats were down, which was odd; there was a rubber mat and the carpet that was in the back and those were on top of the seats.”

On Friday, Whitney’s remains were found. A police tip pointing at Holt. Officials tell news that Holt knew both Heichel and had lived in her apartment complex. “Words can’t begin to express the sadness that our family is experiencing tonight,” said family spokesman Jim Vaughn in a news statement last night. “This has been the most traumatic thing that has happened to us, not only as Whitney’s family, but her spiritual family as well, because we are so close.”

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