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Alexis Wright Video, Photos in Zumba Scandal Cause Misidentification

Alexis Wright Video, Photos in Zumba Scandal Cause Misidentifications Alexis Trowbridge

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Alexis Wright video and photos in her Zumba Scandal resulted in arrests for James Soule and Jens W. Bergen. Alexis Wright aka
Alexis Trowbridge videos were seized in the Kennebunk, ME investigation earlier this year. Also obtained were a purported client list. Now, officials have confirmed to news that one of those alleged clients was James Soule, former Mayor of South Portland, Maine. Another was a leading local lawyer, Jens W. Bergen.

The Alexis Wright Zumba Scandal began with more than one hundred charges against Wright. Police tell news that Alexis Wright on her Facebook account went by the name of “Alexis Trowbridge”. But the Kennebunk, ME investigation has now revealed twenty-one alleged clients. One man arrested, James Soule, thinks the news coverage, however, is a bit overblown.

In an interview with local news, James Soule’s attorney said that the charge against his client is a minor misdemeanor. Attorney Peter DeTroy told the Press Herald that the offense is minor misdemeanor. But do critics agree? “I have never in 40 years seen so much ado about so little, but that’s more … a function of the times we live in than anything else.” He also told news “It’s a Class E misdemeanor, which never generates any jail time. It’s a fine.”

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DeTroy would not deny the charges against his client. Soule served as South Portland’s mayor in 2008 and twice before in the 1990s. His business, A-Best Windows, would feature him in television advertisements promoting his products. Last week, prosecutors confirmed to news that one of the alleged clients is a television “personality”. Prosecutors have yet to indicate if the Soule was the TV personality they were refereeing to. Soule served on the local city council during the 1980s and then again starting in 2006. A former local teacher in the 1970s, Soule is married with children.

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Alexis Wright Photo 5
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Jens W. Bergen is also on the list. “Jens-Peter W. Bergen is a sole practitioner of law providing litigation and trial services to business and individual clients throughout southern Maine”, reads his website. Bergen has yet to comment to news about the matter.

Justice Thomas Warren, since Thursday, has battled over what details in the Alexis Wright case to be release to news. First, Warren decided to release the names of the first 21 alleged johns but without ages and addresses.

Alexis Wright Normal Pictures Set 3
Alexis Wright Photo 9
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But that backfired. Several of the names on the list are common names. As a result, many members of the community were besieged by phone calls from news media after their names matched those of the alleged johns.

Several local news reporters were also under fire for misreporting innocent member of the public as charged johns. Several local, leading members of the Kennebunk, ME community and nearby were watched as their faces, names, and occupation appeared on local news broadcast even though he had nothing to do with the Alexis Wright scandal.

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One man told WCSH NBC that he was furious he was misidentified by local news in the Alexis Wright scandal. “When I first saw my name on the computer I laughed, and then as I got up I’m thinking, … ‘this is very misleading and I don’t think it’s fair.'” He also told news “And then I became upset, to say the least I was very upset.”

Alexis Wright Normal Pictures Set 5
Alexis Wright Photo 17
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Quickly, Justice Warren reversed his decision. He re-released the names of the alleged johns and this time included their addresses and ages to prevent confusion.

Police claim that Alexis Wright photographed and videotaped herself having relations with her male clients. They also claim that male clients allegedly did not know about the taping. But for now, only twenty-one males are charged and due in court December 5. For more about the men charged and Alexis Wright, click HERE.

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