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Alexis Wright Client List from Video Being Released in Zumba Scandal

Alexis Wright Client List from Video Being Released in Zumba Scandal Zumba madam photos Kennebunk maine

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Alexis Wright video client list will be released in the Zumba scandal. The Alexis Wright video and client list allegedly featured TV celebrities and politician. But now the client list of the alleged Zumba Madam of Kennebunk, Maine is set to be released to news. One male TV personality on the Alexis Wright (photos below) video could face television coverage that he never anticipated.

The Alexis Wright video from the Zumba scandal featured hundreds of hours of alleged male clients. But who were Wright’s alleged clients? Investigators tell news that her alleged clients are a who’s-who of nationally known personalities, not just from Kennebunk. There are lawyers and doctors on the alleged list. There are allegedly lots of married men with families. But the real shocker are alleged TV celebrities on the list. While she had policeman, accountants, and even farmers as her alleged clients, Wright also allegedly had a nationally known TV personality as a regular client.

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In the realm of scandals, attorneys often try to avoid heightening coverage of the trouble. But attorney Stephen Schwartz failed to do that Friday. Schwartz dominated news Friday telling a local Maine court that he represented two males who allegedly used Wright’s services. Schwartz described an alleged client list. Suddenly, a news story that only featured words like “counts” and “invasion of privacy” now featured words like “client list”, “celebrities”, “solicitation”, and “video tape”.

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Schwartz said his clients would be hurt if the alleged list was released. “We think there’s a really important principle at stake here: These people are presumed innocent,” Schwartz wrote in his moving papers to the Court. “Once these names are released, they’re all going to have the mark of a scarlet letter, if you will.”

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Ultimately, Schwartz lost the motion. The Court ruled that the list will not be kept under lock and key. In fact, the Court noted that warrants had been issued already for forty of the alleged male clients.

So when will the list be released? Alexis Wright alleged client list will be published in the next seven days. By next Friday, we might know who was the alleged celebrity on the list. CBS News reports “Kennebunk police have been issuing summons to Wright’s alleged clients and said the names will be released in bi-weekly police activity reports beginning Friday.”

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How long is the list? Officials tell news that the list features at least one hundred fifty alleged male clients. News reports claim that one man allegedly paid as much as $1500 per encounter.

But the big question remains whether alleged male clients were secretly recorded or recorded with consent? Alexis Wright videos obtained from her computer by police allegedly feature fourteen thousand screen shots and more than a hundred hours of video. Police claim many of those married politicians allegedly didn’t know they were being recorded.

But the evidence is contradicting. Her landlord claims to have found an alleged video camera and tripod in full view inside the dance studio. The camera was additionally set up in front of an alleged massage table, police tell news.

Purported videos and images of the alleged encounter have been online for years. But not until one blogger on August 30, 2010 posted a narrative of the Zumba scandal allegations did police and the landlord start their investigation efforts. Wright has claimed no wrongdoing. Mark Strong, also charged, claims he committed no crime. Wright has been given more than one hundred charges. But after sorting through tens of thousands of images, police may add additional charges against Wright.

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UPDATE: The names of the alleged men involved have been released HERE. Lt. Anthony J. Bean Burpee of the Kennebunk Police Department released a news statement today reading “The Cumberland County Superior Court issued a ruling this afternoon regarding a filed Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) motion to prevent disclosure of the names and addresses of certain persons who have been named in summonses issued by the Kennebunk Police Department and/or York County District Attorney’s Office as the result of an ongoing investigation being conducted.”


  1. MJ Klein

    October 13, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    i met Alexis back in 2002, when she was 19. we met to discuss her posing for me as a model. i took 4 quick snaps of her for reference, but for whatever reason we never hooked up again. i still have those 4 shots of her. she’s a gorgeous woman for sure.

  2. carl bowman

    October 14, 2012 at 6:40 am

    Like my mom told me, “don’t do in the night what you don’t want seen in the light”. I think the client list should be published, afterall they participated in a crime as well. But you have to wonder what the purpose of keeping those videos were. It would seem she may have been planning blackmail at some later date.

  3. Alex

    October 16, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around, Carl. Those men have ALLEGEDLY, participated in a crime. Many who are accused of this crime, especially high profile men such as athletes and politicians are victims themselves and are not guilty. I’m not saying the men in this case aren’t, I’m just saying it is a bad assumption to assume so. So, there is the chance that someone’s life is going to be ruined and they didn’t deserve it. Plus there is the whole economic debate about whether should really be illegal or not. The women in Nevada who work in legal brothel’s make a good living, have excellent health care including weekly checkups, and are mostly disease and drug free. Other’s in the rest of the country who work illegally, are not so fortunate.

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