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Zumba Scandal: Alexis Wright Photos Allegedly Leaked Online

Zumba Scandal: Alexis Wright Photos Allegedly Leaked Online

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Alleged Zumba scandal photos of Alexis Wright have leaked online. The Zumba scandal concerns dance studio Pura Vida of Portland, Main run by Wright and Mark Strong. Police tell news that they have found allegedly one hundred hours of video tapes between Alexis Wright, a Zumba dance instructor, and her alleged johns all recorded on a laptop. There is also allegedly fourteen thousand screen shots featuring her and her alleged clients as well. Now some of those pictures have allegedly been leaked online.

The scandal erupted inside a Zumba dance student in 2010, prosecutors tell news. Prosecutors claim they were first tipped off by a blog posted online. The unidentified writer claimed “She’s living a double life and is a p-n star. She may be a pr-itute for all I know.”

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Suddenly, police starter watching the facility. In July, they noticed that allegedly men were coming to the dance facility, day and night. Then witnesses reported “moaning and groaning” allegedly coming from the studio.

The landlord did his investigation. He checked and found an alleged video camera, a tripod, a massage table, and more. That resulted in a police raid in February.

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During that raid, police allegedly found belongings that don’t fit a Zumba dance studio. They tell news that Wright allegedly generated more than $150,000 annually for allegedly having relations with purported clients.

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They have now charged her with “106 counts …, violation of privacy, tax evasion and other charges for allegedly providing […relations] for money” claims Fox. They have also charged Strong with “59 counts of promotion …. and violation of privacy.” The case has yet to get a trial date. Wright and Strong have denied any wrongdoing.

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Wright’s lawyer, Sarah Churchill, has refused comment about the matter. Daniel Lilly, Strong’s lawyer, claims the case is without merit. Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettigan tells news that the there are hours of alleged Alexis Wright tapes within their possession.

But officials are not telling news details of the privacy charge. They do confirm that nearly one hundred alleged male clients purportedly paid for services only to be allegedly secretly videotaped. Prosecutors have yet to tell news why they believe the purported sessions were taped. Reports claim that screen grabs of the tapes have been leaked online as pictures.

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UPDATE: Twenty-one men have been charged, reports Anthony J. Bean Burpee of the Kennebunk Police Department, in a news statement. Their names are located HERE. “ In keeping with the Cumberland County Superior Court’s ruling, the Kennebunk Police Department has been directed to release only the names of certain persons issued summonses and to withhold addresses as some may also be alleged victims of criminal invasion of privacy.”

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