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Angelica Robinson, Ralph Godbee Twitter Photos Feud Strikes Yolanda Godbee

Angelica Robinson, Ralph Godbee Twitter Photos Feud Strikes Yolanda Godbee

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Angelica Robinson (photos below), Ralph Godbee, Yolanda Godbee and a second alleged mistress are involved in cheating scandal that is still unfolding. Ralph Godbee is the Detroit Police Chief. He is also a Pastor who preaches against infidelity. He is currently divorcing wife Yolanda for reasons unknown. Angelica Robinson claims to be his first mistress, and his subordinated, a DPD police officer. And now, there is an alleged second mistress. That alleged second woman purportedly posted a picture of herself, with Godbee, in San Diego last week. And when the first alleged mistress, Robinson, saw it, she allegedly took her police issued gun, put it in her mouth, and tweeted that image right back at Godbee.

But the scandal actually does stop there. On Twitter, Angelica Robinson allegedly last weekend saw the unnamed alleged second mistress alongside the man that she loved. Godbee went to San Diego for a police convention. He not only didn’t take Robinson, his alleged first mistress, but allegedly took his second purported mistress. He then even posed for pictures with his second mistress. Eventually she then purportedly posted online the pics to her Twitter accountl. When those alleged pictures hit the internet Sunday, Robinson had enough.

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So what did Robinson do? MyFoxDetroit claims that Angelica Robinson took here Detroit Police issued 9 millimeter Glock handgun, put it in her mouth, took a picture, and tweeted so that Godbee could see it. Local news reports that Godbee has confirmed seeing the tweets about the alleged second mistress and the Glock picture.

Robinson spoke out to news yesterday. She said the man is addicted to having relations. “One woman does not satisfy him,” Robinson told Fox 2. “As you can see, there’s plenty more out here that Pastor Godbee preys upon with his spiritual talk.”

So what happened to Robinson since last weekend? WXYZ claims that Robinson has agreed to mental evaluation and surrounding of her firearm. Godbee, in turn, is on suspension. “That is not the Pastor Godbee that he portrays to be… He is a s—x addict. He loves to have s—x with all different women,” she told Fox 2. Yolanda Godbee and Ralph Godbee have yet to comment about the matter.

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