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Angelica Robinson, Ralph Godbee Jr. Cheating Affair Scandal Claimed by Alleged Mistress

Angelica Robinson, Ralph Godbee Jr. Cheating Affair Scandal Claimed by Alleged Mistress

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – An Angelica Robinson, Ralph Godbee Jr. cheating affair scandal is being claimed by Robinson in Detroit today. Angelica Robinson (no photos yet released) claims she was Godbee’s alleged mistress. She is a current female Detroit police officer who reports to Godbee, Detroit’s Police Chief, claims her attorney. While a picture of an “Angelica Robinson” appears online from a 2008 case, Robinson’s attorney has yet to confirm if his client is the same Angelica Robinson. In that case, Angelica Robinson, a Detroit police officer, sued the force in a discrimination lawsuit.

Godbee is now on suspension. After the cheating scandal allegations surfaced, Dave Bing, Detroit’s mayor, put Godbee on suspension. Bing has yet to indicate if Godbee will be paid during the suspension period. But for now, officials confirm they are “pending a full and thorough investigation of this matter.”

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Godbee is married with a daughter in college. Godbee is also a pastor at a Detroit church. He once told BlacDetroit how his faith improves his work ethic. “That is the only way I could hold this position. It keeps you grounded. My faith is how I’m able to see the things I see on a daily basis…and not completely lose it.”

But David Robinson, attorney for Robinson, claims that Godbee engaged in inappropriate conduct for “many months”. “She was trying to cut it off and he didn’t like that,” Robinson told the Detroit Free Press. “And apparently she was, she was very depressed apparently and the concern was whether or not she was going to take her own life and Godbee got wind of that and, I guess, tried to intervene.” Godbee has yet to comment about the matter. UPDATE: New details of a second alleged mistress has come forward. Click HERE for the update.

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