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Browns vs Ravens 2012 Channel: Joe Flacco Seeks Third Win Tonight

score What channel is the Browns vs Raven 2012 Game on Tonight Thursday

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Tonight’s Browns vs Ravens 2012 football game (live score below) will offer something that no other NFL game has yet to have this season: regular referees. The Browns vs Ravens game tonight September 27, 2012 will be the first NFL game this season to be officiated by regular not replacement referees, the NFL confirmed in a news statement last night. But while the confusion about referees is now over, another issue is brewing. What channel is the tonight’s Browns vs Ravens 2012 game on?

Thursday night NFL channel confusion returns this evening. From week to week, fans are left in channel confusion about NFL games on Thursday. Whether it’s Direct TV, Dish TV, or network television, fans are left asking what channel is the Browns vs Ravens 2012 game on tonight? The game will air only on the NFL Network, a cable channel, and won’t be available on free network channels like NBC and FOX.

While the real referees are back on Thursday night, the Browns vs Ravens 2012 game will be back on the NFL Channel tonight. Officials confirm the game will have a start time of 8:20 EST. Subscribers of DirecTV can catch the Browns game on channel 212 while Dish Network users can catch it on channel 154. Bell TV and Shaw Direct will provide broadcast for Canadian viewers, officials confirm to news.

And yet, tonight is not particularly the best lineup for a Thursday night game. The Browns come into tonight’s game having not won a game this season. They hope to improve on their dreadful 0-3 start by battling the Ravens which are 2-1. But the real key to this game is at quarterback.

Brandon Weeden has been ineffective at quarterback so far in the Browns’ first three starts of the season. He has delivered six interceptions already and just three passing touchdowns. That’s compared to Joe Flacco’s six passing touchdowns and two interceptions. Weeden has a low completion rate also, news analysts note. He is passing at only fifty-seven percent while Flacco is at an impressive sixty-five percent.

Cleveland has been relying this season on its rushing. Trent Richardson has delivered an impressive two rushing touchdowns this season on fifty carries, delivering one hundred seventy-five yards. “It’s going to be an honor just being on the same field as Ray Lewis,” Richardson tells news. “I’ve looked up to him for years, still look up to him, especially to his leadership and how he handles things. But you know, it’s going to be like another game.”

But Ray Rice this season has delivered for Baltimore this season three rushing touchdowns on forty-six carries, across two hundred sixty-eight yards. Rice has already produced a 100-yard rushing game this season.

The vacuum for Cleveland is at receiving. This season, its top two receivers Massaquoi and Ogbonnaya have delivered more than two hundred yards. But they have yet to deliver a single touchdown pass. In contrast, Flacco has working for him the skills of Torrey Smith and Dennis Pitta. Pittta has two touchdown receptions in eighteen total receptions. Smith, in contrast, has ten catches, more than two hundred yards, and two touchdown passes.

One factor news analysts note is that the Ravens have won thirteen straight games at home. They last made news for that stunning win against the Patriots last week. Before tonight’s game, the Ravens are tied for first in the AFC North along with the Bengals. The Browns, in contrast, are last in the AFC North. For live score updates tonight, click HERE.

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