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Karent Sierra Age Debate Returns to Miami Housewives

Karent Sierra Age Debate Returns to Miami Housewives

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Karent Sierra’s age debate returned to Miami Housewives last night. Karent Sierra isn’t telling Bravo fans her own age but is telling everyone that Ana Quincoces is too old, at least for Rodolfo, in the newest episode of Real Housewives of Miami. And online, the tensions are heating up between the two reality stars.

Bravo tells news today that Sierra “explains the older woman comment” about Ana in her new blog post. But Sierra doesn’t explain much of anything. Ana has since laughed off the situation, saying that Sierra and Quincoces’ ages are not that far off.

Sierra tells news “I would also like to clarify about the “older woman” comment. Don’t shoot the messenger! I was just stating what was said by Rodolfo regarding Ana, and the fact that he is not interested in older women. Is she ancient? No, of course she’s not. She is actually a very beautiful woman. But in his eyes, she is too old for him and his taste.”

Karent says that fellow Housewives should not be critical about her relationship. Don’t expect Bravo anytime soon to cast Housewives that aren’t critical of one anyone. “It seems funny how some of the ladies are so interested in my relationship with Rodolfo, when they should clearly be more interested and worried about their own relationships.”

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