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Piedra Negras, Mexico Prison Escape Prompts Eagle Pass Concerns

Piedra Negras, Mexico Prison Escape Prompts Eagle Pass Concerns

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Piedras Negras, Mexico prison escape is prompting U.S. border concerns today in Eagle Pass, Texas. Officials tell news that one hundred third prisoners from Piedras Negras in Coahuila have escaped. The prisoners had constructed a tunnel system under the jail to escape during the evening hours.

But now news reports claim that at least three of the prisoners have been spotted in the United States. Officials are warning border residents to be on the lockout after fugitives have been suspected to have fled north, rather than south, into U.S. border towns.

The region’s attorney general, Homero Ramos, says that Coachuila is offering a sizable reward for the capture of each inmate. The Mexican state will pay upwards of sixteen thousand dollars per inmate, specifically for information leading to their arrest.

The tunnel “was not made today. It had been there for months,” Ramos told the Milenio TV station. “The prison was not overcrowded, none of our prisons are. We have 132 inmates escaping through a tunnel, and it doesn’t make sense.”

Most of the prisoners were in jail for non violent crimes. Officials state that the tunnel was twenty-one feet long and directed inmates closer to U.S border town Eagle Pass, Texas.

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