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Kate Middleton Chi Photos Prompt Italian Magazine Scandal for Silvio Berlusconi

Kate Middleton Chi Photos Prompts Italian Magazine Scandal for Silvio Berlusconi

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – When Kate Middleton Chi photos hit the Italian magazine today, its editor will be ready to defend his decision. But the subplot of the Kate Middleton Chi Magazine scandal is actually rooted near four years earlier.

While Chi Magazine is drawing international outrage today for its choice to publish photos of Prince William’s wife, six years earlier they shocked news by running near death photos of Prince William’s mother.

As noted by the Guardian News today, Prince William was outraged in 2006 when Chi Magazine published near death photos of Lady Diana. The images showed the Princess moments after the Paris car crash, a decade earlier.

This week, William is denouncing Chi once again. In 2006, he and brother Prince Harry called Chi’s publication of photos of Diana the lowest form of decency. He told news at the time that Chi’s decision implied a new “low has been reached” by the Italian Magazine.

This time, Chi has a new editor heading the Italian Magazine. And if you compare editor Alfonso Signorini’s comments today to those of Umberto Brindani back in 2006, you won’t find any consistency. In 2006, Umberto Brindani called near death photos of Lady Diana as appropriate. But today, Alfonso Signorini says that Chi never publishes morbid pictures and always concerns itself with the dignity of the person depicted. “They are natural pictures, there is no morbidity about them, there is nothing that could affect the dignity of the person involved.”

Moreover, Signorini continually tells news today that his pictures should be run because they are “exclusive” and “scoops”. “I am a director of a newspaper not a supermarket, I don’t sell artichokes and carrots, I sell photographic scoops”. He added “Above all, I published them for various reasons, as a journalistic scoop”.

The Royal Family has denounced the publication of the Chi pictures. “Any such publication would serve no purpose other than to cause further, entirely unjustifiable upset to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were enjoying time alone together in the privacy of a relative’s home,” said an official news statement today. Chi on Monday published not one but two hundred images Middleton. Chi and French Closer are both owned by Silvio Berlusconi’s Mondadori group.  Berlusconi has yet to comment to news about the matter.

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