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Raiders v Dolphins 2012: Carson Palmer Delivers Mike Goodson Touchdown Pass

score Raiders v Dolphins 2012: Carson Palmer Delivers Mike Goodson Touchdown Pass

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Carson Palmer is off to a good start in Sunday’s Raiders v Dolphins 2012 game. Palmer just tied up the game in the first quarter after an early rushing touchdown by Ryan Tannehill.

Raiders v Dolphins 2012 (live score below) remains tied in the first quarter currently. Tannehill impressed news with a two yard rushing touchdown nine minutes into the first quarter. But then, with twenty-three seconds left in the first, Palmer delivered a blistering sixty-four yard touchdown pass to Mike Goodson.

The Raiders today are trying to rebound after their losing opener in Oakland. Palmer delivered two hundred ninety-seven yards in that game but could only deliver one touchdown pass. The trouble for Oakland was its rushing game. On twenty rushing attempts, the team only moved the ball forty-five yards.

The Raiders, moreover, only were able to produce two field goals in the first half of its opener. In the second half, Palmer delivered a two yard touchdown pass to Rod Streater.

The Dolphins in turn shocked news last week, only delivering a single touchdown and one field goal in their opener. The only touchdown for Miami came in the third quarter with a seventy-two yard punt return by Marcus Thigpen.The Dolphins also struggled on rushing, news analysts noted. The team delivered only seventy-nine yards in nineteen attempts. For live score updates, click HERE.

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