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Cowboys vs. Seahawks 2012: Tony Romo Battles Russell Wilson

Cowboys vs. Seahawks 2012: Tony Romo Battles Russell Wilson

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – As the Cowboys vs. Seahawks 2012 head into halftime, Russell Wilson and Seattle have a narrow lead over Dallas and Tony Romo. So far this game, Romo has only delivered on touchdown pass to Miles Austin.

Today’s Cowboys vs. Seahawks 2012 game (live score below) hasn’t featured Romo running the ball that much in the first half. Dallas has only produced forty one rushing yards in twelve attempts Sunday. And Romo’s passing yards are lackluster as well. Romo is only fourteen for twenty-six at the half, delivering one hundred seventy passing yards.

Romo’s only numbers came from a twenty yard touchdown pass to Miles Austin in the second quarter, officials confirm to news. Seattle, in turn, has delivered two field goals and one touchdown by Jeron Johnson in the first quarter.

Romo is seeking to continue the team’s winning performance this season. The Cowboys dominated news last week, defeating the Giants in their season opener. In that game, Romo impressed news delivering three hundred seven yards, three touchdowns and one interception. But today, Romo has already delivered one interception and one touchdown so far.

The Seahawks, in contrast, are coming off a narrow defeat last week by the Cardinals on the road. There Wilson delivered only one hundred fifty-three yards with one touchdown and one interception. For live score updates, click HERE.

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