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Buccaneers vs. Giants 2012: Eli Manning Struggles in First Half

Buccaneers vs. Giants 2012: Eli Manning Struggles in First Half

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Sunday’s Buccaneers vs. Giants 2012 game started with a surprising first half. The Giants were trailing the Buccaneers at halftime after Eli Manning had thrown three interceptions and just one touchdown in the first half.

Today’s Buccaneers vs. Giants 2012 (live sore below) game has featured Manning passing two hundred fifteen yards in the first half, delivering seventeen completions of twenty-seven attempts. But while producing a touchdown pass, Manning shocked news with three interceptions in just the first half. Josh Freeman, in contrast, has only delivered one hundred four passing yards in the first, but has produced one touchdown.

In the first quarter, the two teams traded field goals. But in the second quarter, Freeman delivered a twenty-nine yard touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson. The team followed that up with an eight yard touchdown run from Doug Martin. Later in the quarter, Eric Wright scored on a sixty yard interception run. Manning’s only touchdown pass in the first half was to Hakeem Nicks for twenty-three yards, officials tell news.

The Giants lost their season opener against the Cowboys. In that game, Manning shocked news with a single touchdown pass the entire game. Manning connected with Martellus Bennett in the fourth for a nine yard touchdown reception. With the exception of a single field goal, Manning’s only other numbers came from Ahmad Bradshaw’s ten yard touchdown run in the third. For live score updates today, click HERE.

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