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Bachelor Pad 3 Spoilers Prompt 2012 Winner Debate About Nick Peterson

who wins Bachelor Pad 3 Spoilers Prompt 2012 Winner Debate About Nick Peterson

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers have announced that your 2012 purported winner Nick Peterson will deliver a shocking finale tonight. But how viewers will respond to that finale telecast remains to be seen. Weeks ago, online spoilers from RealitySteve answered who wins Bachelor Pad 3 2012. But spoilers weren’t able to give clarity as to how viewers will react to the tactics by, and statements made, by Nick Peterson this evening. Additionally, Rachel Trueheart has some negative comments purportedly ready to say about Nick. But will fans agree?

Months ago, online spoilers told news how the final three episodes pan out. Bachelor Pad 3’s finale will feature two teams. On the one side will be Sarah Newlon and Chris Bukowski. She’s the 28 year old manager from St Louis. She first made news with her appearance on the Bachelor season eleven. Chris, in turn, is the corporate sale director from Chicago IL. He dominated news during his season eight appearance on the Bachelorette.

Spoilers claim that, during tonight’s telecast, all the cast members will vote between two teams. Newlon and Bukowski don’t purportedly earn that vote.

Rather, the vote goes to Rachel Trueheart and Nick Peterson. She is the 27 year old executive assistant from New York. She first made news during her appearance on the sixteenth season of the Bachelor. He, in turn, is the twenty-seven year old trainer from Tampa, Florida who joined the seventh season of the Bachelorette.

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Tonight, Rachel will purportedly tell viewers that she and Nick won the vote over Sarah and Chris because, in Rachel’s option, she was the best liked cast member among the four finalists. Will viewers agree with her? RealitySteve has previously told news that Rachel will assert that Nick deserved to split the money with her. But is she correct?

After months of speculation, RealitySteve spoilers were the first to reveal that producers tonight keep the format from Bachelor Pad 1 and 2. Back this evening is the “keep” versus “share” system. And while the system hasn’t prompted huge debate before, expect that to change this evening.

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The purpose of the keep/share system differs, depending on if you talk to Rachel or Nick about it. Nick will purportedly tell viewers tonight that, in his mind, he had no allegiance to anyone this season including Rachel and hence had no obligation to share money with her. Rachel, in turn, will purportedly exclaim that Nick got into the final round allegedly only because of her popularity and hence he was obligated to share the money.

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With two differing mindsets, Rachel and Nick will head into the final vote. As producers will remind viewers, two votes for “share” means both contestants share a quarter million dollars. Two votes for “keep” means neither contestant takes home a penny; the money goes to all the other cast members.

But what happens when one member votes “share” and the other votes “keep”? That’s what Rachel learns tonight, spoilers claim. Rachel purportedly chooses to “share”, and Nick reportedly decides to “keep”. If spoilers are correct, Nick walks away tonight with all the money, Rachel gets nothing, and viewers are left debating if Nick was wrong in what he did.

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Initial reaction has been negative towards Nick. One viewer wrote “He made it to the finale on Rachel’s popularity and alliance, as well as her superior abilities in the finale challenge… Then he convinced Rachel to betray Jaclyn, then stuck that same knife in Rachel’s back.” Others aren’t so sure that Rachel’s popularity got them to the finals. “So a lot of the people also voted for Nick. I don’t know if they got to the final really because of Rachel, she is dreaming, that is not true.” And some viewers believe that Nick played the game fairly and Rachel should admit it. “He is the overall winner, move on Rachel and admit he was the better player.” For more about Nick’s win and the finale, click HERE.


  1. Felix Seto

    September 14, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    I loved when he kept the money. It made me want to watch the next season even more now. He won the game, check mate!

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