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Sgt Hekmatullah, Afghan Soldier, Wanted for Australian Diggers’ Deaths

Sgt Hekmatullah, Afghan Soldier, Wanted for Australian Diggers' Deaths

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A photo of Sgt Hekmatullah has been released following the deaths of three Australian diggers. Sgt Hekmatullah is the Afghan solider being sought across the Oruzgan Province today. He is accused of the murder of three Australian diggers named Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin, and Private Robert Poate. The attack happened last Wednesday night in Patrol Base Wahib. But after being detained,
Hekmatullah escaped from a local holding facility.

Local officials in the Oruzgan Province and in Pashtu are posting the above image and dispersing it in flyers to local residents. An extensive manhunt is underway after Sgt Hekmatullah after he was detained last week but then escaped through the Baluchi valley.

The three Australian diggers were allegedly shot dead by Hekmatullah accused of being a “rogue Afghan solider”. Officials tell news that their “objective [is] to seek to locate Hekmatullah or to locate insurgents who were suspected of assisting his escape”.

A reward of one hundred dollars is being offered for his capture. As many as ten thousand posters are being dispersed. In addition to the three murdered diggers, Hekmatullah is accused of shooting two additional diggers. Officials have yet to indicate to news any leads about Hekmatullah’s whereabouts.

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