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Hurricane Leslie 2012 Projected Path Delivers Florida Swells

Hurricane Leslie 2012 Projected Path Delivers Florida Swells

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – A possible Hurricane Leslie 2012 projected path got updated moments ago by the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Initial tracking on Leslie suggested she would reach hurricane status by last weekend and move through the Caribbean. But that never happened. She failed to organize herself and slowly drift northward.

But now the NHC tells news that TS Leslie could become Hurricane Leslie in the next couple of days. Without much specificity, the NHC tells news that Leslie is finally forming into a stronger, well organized system. In a news statement, then NHC says that “some strengthening is possible” for Leslie. They added that “Leslie could become a hurricane in a couple of days”.

Leslie is not over the Caribbean. Rather, she is drifting northward. But new tracking on Leslie (above) shows that she is moving in a northerly pattern with a slight westward shift after Thursday. She is expected to remain east of Florida until Saturday.

Leslie’s movement, however, is not consistent. NHC is predicting a “slow northward motion which may be erratic at times … over the next couple of days”. She is moving slower than previously reported on LALATE. Now Leslie is only shifting at three miles per hour. But her sustained winds are not decreasing. Those have grown to sixty-five mile per hour winds.

Officials tell news that there are no alerts or warnings in place. But swells will continue from Leslie in Central Florida, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands over the next few days. The NHC advising that “these swells could cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.”

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