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David Blaine Not Dead – Fake Death Story Magically Disappears

David Blaine Not Dead - Fake Death Story Magically Disappears

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – David Blaine is not dead and George Jones hasn’t died either. A fake David Blaine death story surfacing online Sunday claimed that the magician died while trying a Chris Angel stunt in Las Vegas. Neither item happened. David Blaine is very much alive. But the fake death tale today has magically disappeared.

David Blaine is the latest victim is the widening world of fake celebrity death stories. These stories magically take fabricated tales, couple them with beloved celebrities, and use social media to advance the lies. But while fake death reports first struck rappers and Disney pre-teen stars three years ago, in recent weeks the realm of fake tales have been striking new industries, including sports and now magic.

In 2011, LALATE questioned why fake death stories most generally seem to strike male, hip-hop singers and female Disney singers. At the time, it was rare, if ever, to hear fake death stories make news targeting electronic musicians, athletes, reality TV stars, or magicians.

But since then, the world of erroneous death stories have expanded. They have since struck reality TV stars, like Tamra Barney, wrestlers, like the Undertaker and John Cena, and electronic musicians, like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren.

But magicians have rarely, if ever, been the target. While most fake death stories have been originally from Global Associated aka Mediafetcher or now Necropedia, the latest tale about David originates from neither.

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Purportedly on Sunday, someone began an RIP Facebook page reporting the death of David Blaine. The fabricated tale claimed that Blaine died in Las Vegas on September 2 trying a stunt, or as the author asserted, a “Chris Angel trick”. The fabricated tale on Facebook has magically disappeared today Monday. But fans are still questioning whether if was a slight of hand or was in fact true.

David Blaine is not dead and fans are irate. “David Blaine is still kicking. He’s not dead. That Facebook … post ugh”, wrote one fan. Another added “Is David Blaine really dead? People at the office are talking about it.” And another stated “This just goes to show not even the best magicians can escape [fake] death [stories].”

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It remains unclear to what lengths celebrity death stories will continue. In 2012, politicians have been the subject of the same. Necropedia lists its “most popular anticipated obituaries” have included George Jones, Eddie Murphy, Jerry Lewis and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Necropedia, however, writes in a bizarre story entitled “George Jones dead at 80″ that “Jones … died on September 4″. But in the same story, it claims “no one has died.” The confusing article is of course erroneous along with the claim “friends and family are mounting the loss of a loved one.”

David Blaine and George Jones are not dead. Nor is Eddie Murphy, Miley Cyrus, Adam Sandler or Lil Wayne.

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