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San Diego Neighboring Earthquake Today 2012 Rocks Southern California

 San Diego Neighboring Earthquake Today 2012 Rocks Southern California

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A strong San Diego neighboring earthquake today 2012 rocked Southern California residents. A series of moderate earthquakes near San Diego began earlier this morning August 27, 2012. But rather than decrease in strength, the quakes suddenly got stronger by late morning.

Shortly after 10 am local time today, LALATE first reported news of moderate quake activity commencing in Brawley. Located east of San Diego, the community at 10:02 am PST experienced a 3.8 magnitude quake. The quake was near Westmorland, Calipatria, and El Centro, USGS indicated to news.

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That 10 am quake followed a series of lesser earthquakes starting two hours earlier. At roughly 8:30 am, a series of roughly 2.0 magnitude quakes were escalating in intensity near Brawley. USGS reported to news at the time roughly one dozen quakes over a ninety minute period.

But by noon, the situation dramatically changed. The same epicenter produced a 4.6 magnitude. That quake, additionally, was erupting closer to the earth’s surface; the temblor was located only eight miles deep, USGS indicated to news.

And while some residents thought Sunday’s quake activity had ended, the biggest quake was still to come. At 12:31 pm, a 5.3 magnitude quake erupted, at the same epicenter. The quake, moreover, was even shallower. USGS indicated to news that the quake struck only five miles below the earth’s surface.

Quake activity, escalating in magnitude like this, is rare for the region. Generally, Brawley and the El Centro region produce one strong quake initially and then continue to produce lesser aftershocks thereafter. But that wasn’t the case today. After four hours of lighter activity, the epicenter produced its strongest quake. And as of 2 pm PST today, the epicenter is still active. It has been producing a series of 3.0+ magnitude aftersh0ocks within the hour.

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