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Hurricane Isaac 2012 Tracking Path Prompts Florida Keys, Miami Warnings

Hurricane Isaac 2012 Tracking projected Path Prompts Florida Keys, Miami Warnings

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Hurricane Isaac’s 2012 tracking and projected path is prompting Florida Keys and Miami warnings today. Hurricane Isaac 2012 is heading for the Florida Keys and will impact with storm conditions southwest Florida including Naples and eastern Florida including Miami. At least two airport closures have been announced to news today. But officials indicate that the Florida Keys are not under mandatory evacuations.

Hurricane Isaac 2012 tracking updates today reveal his projected path will take the storm to the Florida Keys Sunday. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) tells news that Hurricane Isaac is passing over Cuba Saturday. But by Sunday August 25, 2012, the concern is the Florida Keys.

Irene Toner, emergency management director, issued a news statement today indicating that the Florida Keys are not under mandatory evacuations. Rather, the region is under voluntary orders. “If you choose to remain in the Florida Keys during this storm, the only safe place for you to be is inside”.

Hurricane Isaac Tracking Maps Set 1
Hurricane Isaac Map 1
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Isaac could stay across the Florida Keys from Sunday morning to the end of Monday, the NHC tells news. As a result, officials report that Key West International Airport and Marathon Airport are closing today, Saturday, at 7 pm EST. The airports will remain closed until further notice.

Monroe County has set up a hurricane hotline phone number and website for residents. The number is 1-800-955-5504 or online at

Evacuation shelters are opening at 2pm EST Saturday for Key West High School, Sugarloaf School, Coral Shores High School in Plantation Key and Stanley Swiftly School in Marathon, NBC is reporting. At 3 pm Saturday, the Snake Creek Bridge will close.

Hurricane Isaac Tracking Maps Set 2
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Gov. Rick Scott has issued a state of emergency. “That’s standard protocol to make sure we can coordinate our efforts with federal, state and local so we can have the proper response,” he said in an news statement today. The storm is currently passing over Guantanamo, Cuba Saturday and heading to southwest Nassau.

When Isaac arrives in Florida, he will be a Category 1 Hurricane with winds upwards of 95 mph, officials tell news. But what will happen with Florida? And will Isaac only impact southwest Florida?

In a news briefing Saturday at 11 am EST, the NHC is advising residents that all of South Florida, from Miami to Naples, will be impacted in some form by Hurricane Isaac. The impact, however, will be greatest on the western side of Florida.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez told news that residents should begin preparations for Saturday through Monday. “You should begin putting up your shutters now. Even tropical storm winds can cause damage so you shouldn’t wait until the last moment to protect your home”. Gimenez, however, said that no schools or public transportation are currently closed. Miami International Airport remains open.

On Saturday, the NHC issued a tropical storm warning for Florida’s East Coast, north of Sebastian Inlet to Flagler Beach. A tropical storm warning means that major storm conditions could arrive in the area within the next thirty-six hours, namely between Saturday and Monday. A hurricane watch, in contrast, was issued for the Florida Keys and the west coast of Florida from Bonita Beach southward. A hurricane watch, in turn, means that hurricane conditions could happen between Saturday and Monday. For continuing coverage of Hurricane Isaac, click HERE.

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