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Towanda Braxton’s Andre Carter Prompts Fans Furor on Braxton Family Values

Towanda Braxton's Andre Carter Prompts Fans Furor

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Towanda Braxton’s Andre Carter prompted fan furor during the BFV Summer Season premiere last week. Tonight, as Trina Braxton battles husband Gabe Solis’ cheating again, fans are still digesting the bizarre Towanda-Andre exchange from last week.

While Gabe Solis’ role in Trina Braxton’s life is changing following their recent steps towards divorce, Andre Carter is still in Towanda’s life. But after Andre told Towanda what to do about her body last week, fans erupted.

“You know that Tamar and Vince are trying to have a baby” Towanda tells Andre over drinks. But when Towanda says “I think Tamar would be a great mom”, Andre gave his disapproval. “She is a great aunt, but a mother is a totally different thing.”

Towanda takes a breath and a drink, and tells Andre “When Tamar said she might have complications in carrying a baby, I told her, and volunteered, that I would carry the baby for her.”

Andre erupts. “You told me you don’t want to have any more kids!” Towanda replies “I don’t.” Andre‘s eyes pop out as he exclaims “You popping out a baby and not having a child?”

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But Andre takes it to a new level when he asks Towanda “why is this even being considered?” Towanda replies “Tamar wants to be a mother” to which Vince jabs back, “Oh, SHE’S a mother alright!”.

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Fan reaction has be strong since last week. “Towanda needs to give Andre them papers” reacted one fan. Another added “Andre you barely married to Towanda … Your opinion don’t even matter!” But as several wondered, “what kind of relationship Towanda and Andre got. For real?” Should Andre and Gabe move in together? BFV returns tonight on WETV.

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