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Frank Francisco Dugout Tirade Continues Meltdowns

Frank Francisco Dugout Tirade Continues Meltdowns

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Frank Francisco’s dugout tirade last night was his second meltdown this summer. Frank Francisco took out his anxiety last night on the Mets’ dugout water cooler and medical kit. But in comments to news later, Mets manager Terry Collins explained that water coolers are made for more than just holding water.

Francisco was unhappy with her performance against the Colorado Rockies last night. Later in the game, Francisco was displeased with his ninth inning. So rather than take it out with someone else, Francisco took it out on dugout items. First went the water cooler, then flew the medical kit.

But when asked about it later, Collins said he say no problem with players tossing water coolers, safely, because they aren’t made just for water. “I only have an issue with it if he gets hurt. Those water coolers are made for other things besides holding water. Makes them easy to beat up without getting hurt.”

In May, Francisco had a meltdown during the Mets’ loss to the Marlins 8-4. During that Francisco tirade, the focus wasn’t a water cooler but umpire Todd Tichenor. Eventually, Collins had to step in between Tichenor and Francisco who was shaking his cap and finger at the umpire.

Last night, Francisco refused to speak to news. In May following the Tichenor tirade, Francisco said “I expect him to say something, like they are low or high or away. Give me a reason. But he said nothing.”

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