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Gabe Solis, Trina Braxton Ex-Husband, Battles Scandal Pictures and Divorce

Gabe Solis, Trina Braxton Ex-Husband, Battles Scandal Pictures and Divorce

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Gabe Solis, Trina Braxton’s ex-husband, battles leaked sandal pictures and a divorce in the new Braxton Family Values tonight. Gabe Solis and Trina Braxton cheated on each other in last season of BFV. Since then, Trina Braxton has filed for divorce. Tonight, the singer reveals in the season premiere that she is moving on from Gabe.

In April 2012, Trina Braxton told news that she filed for divorce from Gabe. “As far as the status of Gabe and I, I have filed for divorce. However, we are being very adult about it,” Trina told at the time. But this week, to promote BFV, Trina told news a slightly different remark. “Well, I am not officially divorced quite yet, but I am officially separated. I am not officially, or legally, divorced.”

Braxton is out and dating in the new season of BFV. But what’s happening with Gabe? A quick perusal of reveals that Gabe is still part of the upcoming season of BFV and will be part of the storyline.

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But will he be a part of Trina’s life? Since last season concluded, Gabe was accused of new cheating allegations. In February, after new allegations surfaced online after last season’s taping, Gabe fired back.

“First off I want to apologize from the bottom on my heart to my Wife Trina who deserves NONE OF THIS,” Gabe said at the time. “I have done many things that I am not proud of that I’m sure will all unfold in the coming weeks on the show, on the blogs, the newspapers and any other way it can unfold. I cannot undo the past.”

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He later added “I am not into trannies. I am very heterosexual. I have no clue who the ladydude woman posted on the web is and I have never spoken to her/him/ or whatever they are claiming.”

Trina told news in the spring that her focus is her career and kids, not dating. “Well the ink isn’t dry yet, so right now I’m concentrating on my career and of course my children.” She added “I still like to enjoy myself and enjoy my life and have a nice drink or go out.”

Last season, Trina confronted cheating photos and a video that were leaked in fall 2011. A video was recorded of Gabe Solis chatting on a bed, shirtless. During the video, Solis was critical about Trina and the WeTV show.

Evelyn Braxton told Trina last season said that Gabe “has humiliated himself, his job, his mother and his father… yes he did. He was wrong”.

Trina told fans last season “These people can click on this online at anytime and laughed at me”. She added “Gabe’s explanation for his conduct is that he is sorry and that he needs help… When he first told me had an addiction, I didn’t believe. So it got the best of him.”

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