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USA vs. Spain 2012? Kobe vs Pau Anticipated for Olympics Basketball Finals

USA vs. Spain 2012   Kobe vs Pau Anticipated for Basketball Olympics Finals

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Could USA vs. Spain 2012 be the Olympics finals Mens’ basketball lineup? Lakers fans today are hoping to have a USA vs. Spain 2012 finals on Sunday that would feature Kobe Bryant vs. Pau Gasol. But before that lineup is delivered, the Dream Team has to win USA vs. Argentina 2012 today, while Gasol needs a win in their Russia vs. Spain 2012 semifinals first.

A possible USA vs. Spain 2012 lineup follows a night of excitement for Lakers fans. Thursday evening, social media exploded with Lakers fans celebrating that the teams’ front office did not trade Gasol. ESPN first confirmed news that Gasol was among the possible players being eyed in a massive Dwight Howard trade. But by evening, ESPN confirmed that Andrew Bynum, not Gasol, would be traded out of Los Angeles.

Today, NBA news reports that Laker players and much as Laker fans are celebrating over the Howard trade. Steve Aschburner wrote on that Friday was “a hearty Feliz Navidad to Pau Gasol as well. Gasol won’t be relocating. He doesn’t have to play center anymore. And he and Bryant can start rebuilding their interpersonal chemistry that took a beating last season.”

With two years of fans watching Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher leaving Los Angeles, Kobe was clear to reporters this week; if Gasol was traded, Kobe wouldn’t return. “As long as I’m there, he’s going to be there” Kobe told news.

When asked if he would still play, Bryant fumed. “If they want to get rid of him, [the Lakers] have to get rid of me first.” Bryant posted the above picture during the Olympic games. “Proud of mi hermano” he said after the Olympics opening ceremonies.

If the Gasol brothers deliver the win in this morning’s Russia vs. Spain 2012 game, and Kobe leads the Dream Team to win in USA vs. Argentina 2012, Lakers fans will have some more celebrating to do. Fans will have two of their own dream team stars heading to the Olympics finals, against each other. The Olympics Finals game is Sunday August 12 at 15:00.

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