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Ri Sol-Ju Bag: Lady Dior Clutch Debate Strikes North Korea

Ri Sol-Ju Bag: Lady Dior Clutch Debate Strikes North Korea

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Ri Sol-Ju bag is prompting a North Korea Christian Dior debate today. Did Ri Sol-Ju, wife of North Korean leader Kim Jon, have a real Lady Dior Clutch bag next to her during an appearance Tuesday, or was the bag a fake? News analysts are debating the implications of the “bag scandal” today.

On one hand, critics are denouncing Ri Sol Ju of using a purportedly real Lady Dior Clutch. At issue is the bag’s price tag. It reportedly costs around $1,600 in North Korea, which amounts to the average annual salary of a worker in the country.

At a time in which the country is battling famine, food shortages, and massive poverty, Ri Sol Ju is accused of visiting the military with her husband Kim Jong Uh sporting a bag that her nation’s population mostly can’t afford.

On the other hand, critics aren’t sure if the Ri Sol Ju bag is a real Lady Dior or a “Dior-style” bag. Some news reports were careful to call the bag a “Dior-style” handbag, rather than a real product, today. Other critics claimed that photos of the real bag and the one sported by Ri show contrasting features.

The real bag is made from “richly quilted lambskin, finished with the signature Dior charm logo in silvertone”. But Ri’s bag doesn’t particularly look quilted at all As the Telegraph reports, the bag did feature the Dior brand “D” metal tag.

Claudia von Roehl, the U.N. World Food Program’s representative in North Korea, this week issued a news statement reminding the world that “we should always be aware there is a very chronic and severe problem in the nutrition of the population and in particular the very monotonous diet which basically is composed of maize and rice, carbohydrates, and lacking very significantly in proteins and fats.”

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