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Jessica Dorrell Bobby Petrino Cheating Affair Scandal Prompts Admissions

Jessica Dorrell Bobby Petrino Cheating Affair Scandal Prompts Admissions

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Jessica Dorrell Bobby Petrino scandal is heading to TV today with Petrino’s first TV news interview. While Jessica Dorrell (photos below) remains silent about the Arkansas Razorbacks scandal, Bobby Petrino is opening up about the affair that cost him his job, his bike, and almost his marriage. Petrino will grant his first TV news interview today to ESPN Sports Center to discuss former mistress Jessica Dorrell, wife Becky Petrino, and his impact on the Arkansas Razorbacks program.

Petrino’s family, and specifically Becky Petrino, have remained silent since his wreck of April 1, 2011. Also silent has been Dorrell. Dorrell was hired by Petrino on March 23, 2012 for a salary of $55,735. But by April 17, she signed a settlement agreement with the University. “Jessica M. Dorrell began her employment as Student-Athlete Development Coordinator on March 23, 2012 and resigned in good standing on April 17, 2012. At the time of resignation, Ms. Dorrell’s annual salary was $55,735?, read the settlement agreement released to news earlier this year.

Under thatagreement, Dorrell was prohibited from profiting from the controversy about the Petrino wreck in a way that impacts “her affiliation with Razorback athletics.”

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At the time of the scandal, Petrino was earning a huge pay check from UAF. Athletic Director Jeff Long had previously given Petrino a seven year contract, with a roughly $3.56 million annual contract and an $18 million buyout provision. In the end, Petrino agreed to lose his annual salary and his buyout provision. Petrino was fired with cause, denying him a sliding scale of an $18 million buyout provision. Petrino lost roughly $21 million.

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Petrino lied to not only national news but also Long and his university after the Dorrell crash. Now Petrino wants to show clarity during his ESPN interview. “I had an affair. I cheated on my wife. I knew there were consequences that were going to happen. I knew that I had this facing me. That I had to tell my wife, I had to tell my boss.” He says there is no excuse for his actions. “I look back on it and there is no good answer. I wasn’t thinking and I wasn’t acting correctly.”

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He tells news that he is still with his wife Becky, but they are in counseling. Petrino says that it will be hard to watch Arizona this fall, from TV, rather than the field. But Long previously told Petrino that Petrino’s conduct has hurt the university’s reputation.

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Long told Petrino “Your conduct and actions in this matter have generated voluminous negative media stories and opinions, within Arkansas and nationally, that have harmed the reputation of the University of Arkansas and our athletics programs.” He added “We are now faced with the task of restoring the reputation of our institution and our athletics programs that many individuals and teams have worked hard to build over the years.

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